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This knowledge base is built up from research, there’s a lot of great information from industry leaders, healthcare professionals, hospitals and universities.

We are constantly adding supporting videos from professionals too including consultants and professors as well as paramedics and other pre-hospital care professionals.

The medical profession is an ever changing environment, we learn more about COVID on a daily basis, and today we may discredit a fact from yesterday.

This knowledge base is also growing and changing.

AoFAS is a community. Everybody has an opportunity  to share their knowledge, they can add or enhance an article by submitting their own.

If you see an article that you feel is outdated, even wrong (we’re all human) why not tell us?

It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior and knock other people’s efforts but it’s far better to be that person who actually wants to support the first aid profession and help people increase their knowledge.

AoFAS knowledge base isn’t about egos, like many forums in social media pages where people battle to show off how good they are or how much they know compared to the other person. Some will revel in joining groups that are there for no other reason than to bully and troll people. ( We all know those bitchy groups).

AoFAS is about supporting and helping other people in the first aid industry and also expanding our own knowledge during the journey.

If you choose to be part of the cyber bullying culture, there is no room in AoFAS,

If you have a professional interest in a topic and you want to share it with AoFAS members please send it as a word document to mail@AoFAS.org.uk.

What do you get out of it?

Apart from a warm and fuzzy feeling … you get full credits and acknowledgements.

If you are a trainer, you get to promote your business.

If you are a first aider and wish to demonstrate a procedure, you too have the opportunity to promote your business.

If you are a product supply and wish to submit a video that demonstrates a specific product, this is a great opportunity to promote that product.

You can add photos and a video in an article.

It is a fantastic opportunity to share your experience and knowledge.

Please, enjoy the knowledge base and take full advantage and please, if you see an error, tell us so we can put it right.