Mobile Home ECG Devices

An ECG was once part and parcel of an hospital or clinic, but as they got smaller and more portable, they soon became standard kit for ambulances.

ECG is an abbreviation for electrocardiogram, generally used to assess heart rate and gives the operator the ability to examine a recording for any anomalies relating to the heart’s activity.

Basically, the ECG works by tracking the electrical activity of the heart and plots a chart, usually on a strip of paper.

Mobile ECG Monitiors

 However, as technology moves on, the ECG monitor is no longer an exclusive to healthcare professionals and is in an affordable price range for many to record their heart’s electrical activity on a small mobile ECG device from the comfort of their home, The benefits are such that a user no longer needs to plan a trip to the doctor or hospital every time they need a quick check up.

Mobile ECG machines are now convenient and user friendly, some even provide tips on how to improve health as well as providing test results that are sent directly onto a smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.

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