Stopping The Bleed.

Presented by American ‘Skinny Medic’.

An interesting opinion as to whether we have been using the wrong method to stop a bleed.

It is based on direct pressure.


Skinny Medic’s case, poses the question; have we been doing it wrong for all these years?

He asks if our basic first aid training on direct pressure should be reviewed.

His argument is that basic first aid training is taught on the basis that we place a pad directly on the bleed site and apply direct pressure.

If the pad is soacked through with blood, we leave it on the wound and place another on top.

Yes, I’m sure everyone will agree that it is thje correct protocol.

He continues to suggest that if neccessary a third pad iss added, and may be another, and indeed another.

So each time we add pressure on a blood sodden pad, we reduce the amount of real pressure on the actual wound.
It would be an interesting debate as to whether the second pad is generally removed.

Some or many, instructors do teach the procedure of removing the second, not the first and not adding more and more.

Perhaps Skinny Medic has a point? May be as you watch the video you are shouting that you never stack pads.