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AoFAS first aid association for first aiders
AoFAS first aid association

Anyone with even the slightest experience or knowledge of the First Aid industry may understand the need of a professional first aid association.

AoFAS first aid instructors

The birth of AoFAS was in 2018 and the following months became challenging in setting up the association.

We listened to constructive comments and suggestions from prospective members and acted upon them.

From what we intended to be a very comprehensive first aid association comprising all-in-one directory and vetting/ approval method became complicated and not fit for purpose.

We re-evaluated our original model and decided, based on comments and suggestions, to take a multi-level, less complicated approach and solution

So, these levels or phases are firstly, this website, it is a platform or hub for members to call in and get information.

Aofas academy

The membership categories are simple, those who can join are First Aid Trainers, First Aiders and First Aid Product suppliers.

We want to encourage and help those starting out in the medical profession, not just first aid and we formed the AoFAS Academy.

The heart of the Academy and AoFAS in general is our Knowledge Base.

A  place where AoFAS members or those wishing to embark upon a career in any one of the many facets of healthcare can begin to learn the very basics and expand their knowledge to progress in their chosen field.

Because part of the academy is a combination of the AoFAS knowledge base we also provide a free mind challenging, self-marked quiz so that members can test their knowledge and indeed use the knowledge base to solve elements of the quiz.

Membership to the AoFAS Academy is just £3.50 per month. However, membership to the academy is not membership to AoFAS but a separate entity.

The knowledge Base is an ever-growing resource with both open and restricted content, material and articles relating to all levels of pre-hospital care with spotlights into other emergency medical procedure so members gain a better insight and increase their knowledge.

AoFAS Members can also submit their own articles and be credited/acknowledge for their work.

Articles that are submitted will be moderated and approved with full author credits being attributed to the writer. They can gain ‘academy contributor ‘status in the fullness of time and by invitation.

Because of the nature of some topics in the knowledge base, some content will be restricted to AoFAS members and AoFAS Academy members only.

We are justifiably proud of our Academy.

Aofas academy


AoFAS is a first aid association that can not only represent the first aid profession but can be a representative body that its own members are proud to belong.

AoFAS for First Aid

Membership to AoFAS

Firstly it is important to understand that membership is not an automatic process and acceptance is not guaranteed.

We hold the right to refuse membership as well as cancel membership.

In the coming months, as we build a public visible directory, we will ask members for proof of their current first aid qualifications. We also ask for references.

We may also ask for further proof of identity.

If for any reason a member is not accepted then their membership subscription will be refunded.

Aofas ebooks

The cost of AoFAS Membership to sole/independent first aiders and trainers  is £8.00 per month.

Members receive Free Monthly Courses

If a member requires a certificate/diploma for the course,  we ask for a nominal £5.50 admin fee.

Members also receive regular free videos and free ebooks. All for £8.00 per month.

One month there could be a course, a video, an ebook and even a couple of quizzes.

There will always be a monthly course and quizzes, there will always be a free eBook.

All free materials are of high quality and some courses are at Diploma level.

Aofas certificares diplomas

Corporate AoFAS Members are those who have staff, whether they are Trainers or First Aiders.

They receive the same benefits of Independent AoFAS Members but can share courses with staff and of course request certificates for members of staff.

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