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AoFAS wound packing e-Book

Wound Packing – Stopping the Bleed

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Introduction to Wound Packing
Infection Control
When to pack a wound:
When NOT to pack a wound:
Tampons for Wound Packing?
What to pack with:
Packing the Wound
Putting Pressure on a Wound
Using trauma dressings
Making a Trauma Kit
Tourniquet Choices
To use a tourniquet or not


Wound Closure With Glue

Free to AoFAS Members. Out in Early June 2020

On sale at Amazon for £9.99
The in’s and outs of wound closure using glue.

The do’s and don’ts

The types of glues

The types of wounds and the wrong types of wounds.

What can go wrong.

Wound care using glue
AoFAS ebooks Shooting First Aid First Aid

Shooting First Aid

First on scene, what do do.

Types of gun shot injuries

Wound assessment

Wound treatment

Knife Attack First Aid

First responder – what to do.

Wound assessment

Wound treatment

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