Wound Closure With Glue

Wound closure with glue
Wound closure with superglue

An over view of wound closure using superglue.

The ins and outs of using glue to close a wound .

The types of wounds and types of glue.

woundcare with glue

Wound Closure Using Glue - eBook


Using any form of super glue, even the clinical grade products that are specifically manufactured for closing wounds, can result in some very serious consequences.

The fact that it is available for purchase and on sale without restrictions, doesn’t make it safe to use.


The product itself is safe, but the person using it may not be. Just like a car.

This eBook is not an instruction manual, nor any form of tutorial, course or indeed a qualification.

If you are a healthcare professional and yet to attend a wound closure course, this book may well give you a good insight, into the procedure.


Wound care using glue

If you are a first aider or event medic and feel that adding glue to your kit is a good idea, you need to take a deep look at your ‘scope of practice’ and of course your insurance.

Negligent use could bring on very severe consequences.

To some, it is just another wound closure product and technique and does what is says on the packaging.

To others it is something that should be restricted to use by trained, skilled professionals.

The latter is the right route.

Whilst writing this eBook I am mindful that some people judging the book by its cover will see it as some form of instruction or indeed endorsement, it isn’t and I have no intention of teaching, or even pretending to be an authority on the subject.

A major part of the whole procedure, that is missing from this eBook is the procedure relating to Aseptic techniques, this means using practices and procedures to prevent contamination from pathogens.

Having an aseptic ‘station’ involves applying the strictest rules to minimise the risk of infection, something that healthcare professionals in an ambulance, surgery, clinics, outpatient care centres, and other health care settings.

If step by step instructions for creating an aseptic environment or indeed gluing a wound were laid out here in this eBook, I feel it would be the basis of an instruction manual, but it is not.

This eBook is purely intended as a reference tool, giving an insight into just one of many wound closure methods and not a tutorial.

I feel I have repeated myself enough but no doubt will still encounter those who have not taken the time to read this disclaimer.

wound closure with glue
Wound closure with superglue


A potted History of Super Glue.

Can We Use DIY Super Glue to Close Wounds?.

When Should You Use Skin Glue?.

When skin glue should not be used.

Summary of types of wounds.

Wound preparation.

Using skin glue to close a wound.


It is a 14 page eBook in PDF format with photographic images and studio illustrations.

After a brief history of superglue we focus on when glue should and can be used to close a wound.

The eBook covers when skin glue should not be used including the types of wounds as well as the types of skin.

Clearly there are places where glue should never be used and places where it simply wouldn’t be practical, they are covered in this eBook.

There is a brief explanation and step-by-step guide to the application.

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