What is ARDS?

ARDS is a life-threatening condition.  The lungs become severely inflamed and fail to provide the body with enough oxygen.

ARDS usually follows a serious illness or injury so generally, most people who develop it are already in hospital, as it .

What causes ARDS?

ARDS is caused when the lungs become severely inflamed,  usually as a complication of a serious health condition.

ARDS can be triggered by:

  • infection (pneumonia and severe flu)
  • inhalation of vomit, smoke or toxic chemicals
  • acute pancreatitis
  • adverse reaction to a blood transfusion
  • blood poisoning (sepsis)
  • severe chest injury
  • near drowning

People who have a history of smoking, long-term alcoholism or obese more at risk of ARDS .

Signs and symptoms of ARDS

ARDS can come on very quickly.

Symptoms  (and other, more common lung conditions) include:

    • feeling faint
    • rapid, shallow breathing
    • severe shortness of breath
    • tiredness, drowsiness or confusion

First aid for ARDS

There is no first aid as such, the patient should be admitted ICU,  on a ventilator. The underlying cause of ARDS will be treated too.