Transient Ischemic Attack

A TIA IS A transient ischemic attack, often referred to as a mini-stroke, it produces similar symptoms, but lasts only a few minutes, usually causing no permanent damage.

It may be a warning. About 1 in 3 people who have a transient ischemic attack eventually suffer a stroke, generally about half of those occur within a year after the TIA.

Transient ischemic attacks usually last for just a few minutes and signs and symptoms disappear within an hour, resembling those found early in a stroke.

The signs and symptoms of TIA may include:

Sudden weakness,
Numbness or paralysis of fthe ace, arm or leg,
Typically on one side of the body
Slurred or garbled speech perhaps difficulty in understanding others
Sudden blindness, maybe one eye or possibly in both – also bring on double-vision
Dizziness, loss of balance or coordination

On a positive note it can be an opportunity to take steps to prevent a stroke.