AoFAS for First Aid


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Membership to AoFAS

Please be aware that membership is not an automatic process and acceptance is not guaranteed.

There are multiple levels of AoFAS Membership.

Level one is open to individuals who are independent or self-employed as freelance first aiders (event medics) and first aid tutors (instructors).

Upon receipt of the application, we will ask potential members for proof of their current first aid qualifications. We also ask for references.

We may also ask for further proof of identity.

If for any reason a member is not accepted then their membership subscription will be refunded.

Level One membership to AoFAS.

After acceptance, the level one member will have access to their profile page within the AoFAS directory. This is their platform to describe and promote their services.

The directory will have a geographic, searchable database – (search engine), so anyone holding an event or requiring a first aid instructor can search for an AoFAS member.

The benefit to people using AoFAS directory as a resource to find suitable first aid professionals is that they can rest assured that AoFAS members are checked and verified. A facility not readily available elsewhere.

In addition, each AoFAS level one member will receive a top-quality intensive medical course on a monthly basis. These are distance learning (online) courses with the opportunity to take a diploma examination.

The 12 courses for year one, on a monthly basis (in no particular order), are.

  • Trauma – First on Scene
  • Medication Management
  • Sports Injury First Aid
  • Catastrophic Bleed Management
  • Terror Attack/Mass Casualties First Responder
  • Understanding the Principles and Practises of Event Management
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • First Responder Breaks/Fractures Splinting
  • Consent in Administering First Aid
  • Medical Gases
  • Scene Management in an Emergency

Diplomas/certificates are optional and a small fee of £5.50 to cover administration is payable.

Diploma in First Aid

Not everyone will want a certificate or diploma, they may simply wish to take the course to enhance their knowledge, but the option is there. Diplomas/certificates are delivered via email in PDF format so the member can file, print and display.

The cost of Level One AoFAS Membership is £8.00 per month