Items for a First Aid Kit

Items for a First Aid Kit

We all know a ‘Mr Bean’ type person or indeed a Mrs Bean. An accident prone individual who could walk on a rusty nail in their kitchen!

If it’s a rusty nail and broken through the skin, it needs cleaning and you can bet there’s no surgical spirit in their first aid kit.

Hydrogen peroxide would work but none of that either!  Detol? TCP?

It isn’t unusual for these things to be missing and should be on top of the list to replenish the first aid kit. Would cleansing is important.

What about those who are constantly bleeding. Probably from shaving, catching an arm on the sharp corner, or from breaking a nail, hitting their head on a doorknob (it happens and not always domestic violence). There’s probably loads plasters around but never the the sizes you need. So, consider a variety pack.

Sometimes a bandage just won’t stick to the injury, tape is a must in your first aid kit. Skin friendly micropore is good and no tears when you rip it off. Even if you had tape and gauze, it is better than a dirty rag!

Liquid bandage is good to have too.

If the freezer is regularly stocked with frozen peas, you don’t need cold packs, but they are useful when out, especially at events. Great to ease pain and reduce swelling but not to be used directly on burns.

For Bite & Sting Relief you’ll need Hydrocortisone Cream such as Anthisan.

What about stiff necks? If your back or neck pain is acute (less than three months), you can ease the discomfort with painkillers or ease it with gentle exercise. Hot and cold packs are useful first aid kit items too.

These are just a few things that are must for your first aid kit to get you through a minor emergency

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