This Code of Conduct is for AoFAS Members (hereafter referred to as members) are required to comply.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to strengthen confidence in the integrity and professional standards of AoFAS (the AssociationFirst Aid Services) members. Abiding by this Code is essential for membership of the AoFAS.

The AoFAS Code of Conduct is intended to make clear to all members the high standards to which everyone must to conform.

All AoFAS members are expected to adopt the high standards of dignity, fairness and integrity.

First Aiders and First Aid Instructors must:

  • Notify the AoFAS immediately of any court-imposed sanction that precludes the member from contact with specific user groups (for example children and vulnerable adults)
  • Not carry out first aid, training, or assessing whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person and treat everyone with compassion.
  • Place the wellbeing and safety of the patient above all.
  • Not develop inappropriate working relationships with students (especially children).
  • Relationships must be based on mutual trust and respect and not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  • Place the wellbeing and safety of the student above the delivery of training.
  • Hold appropriate insurance cover either individually or through the training centre in which they are working.
  • Hold valid and appropriate insurance covering public liability and public indemnity.
  • Encourage and guide students to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  • Encourage fellow first aiders to accept responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • Hold; in date, valid and relevant up to date qualifications as approved by the AoFAS.
  • Ensure that the training activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual student.
  • At the outset, clarify with students (and where appropriate their parents) exactly what is expected of them and what they are entitled to expect.
  • Consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance.
  • Not do or neglect to do anything which may bring the First Aid industry into disrepute.
  • Act with integrity in all customer and business to business dealings pertaining to first aid training.
  • Not teach or purport to provide AoFAS courses or AoFAS certification outside of the framework of any official AoFAS recognised training centre

Failure to adhere to the AoFAS Code of Conduct may result in the suspension or withdrawal of AoFAS membership.

In its dealings with the AoFAS, members will

  1. Support the AoFAS’s work to advance professional standards
  2. Be respectful to the AoFAS if it disagrees with its advice or policies, giving it the opportunity to comment, reply or change its processes, in a professional manner

Last updated: September 2019