Splint Rolls and Roles

https://youtu.be/9rQ6PPAPA4I Who is "SAM" in "SAM Splint"?  There isn't a Sam or Mr Sam, other than a coincidence but for the curious, SAM stands for "structural aluminum, malleable". Sam is…

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Use of Extrication Collars

https://youtu.be/tzobASnovRc In the UK, approximately 500–600 casualties  per year sustain traumatic injuries to the spinal cord, about 50% of those involve the cervical spine. UK ambulance guidelines are very clear…

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Talon II Folding Combat Stretcher – 90C

https://youtu.be/1VzTJzct1Co The Talon® II 90C ian extremely compact & versatile stretcher that allows casualty transport in restricted compartments.Built for battle but idea for event medics and first responders UK where…

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Mobile Home ECG Devices

https://youtu.be/hDnvcIrKjUo An ECG was once part and parcel of an hospital or clinic, but as they got smaller and more portable, they soon became standard kit for ambulances. ECG is…

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COVID 19 and Your First Aid Kit

If we invaded someone’s cupboard for a first aid kit, we are highly likely to find out of date – and potentially useless or even dangerous medications in a variety of tins and boxes. So, in the event of a health concern or accident, we don’t have the right items at hand to deal with the issue correctly, safely and efficiently; this can be very frustrating when someone is not well or when time is of the essence.

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