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Meet ‘Beefy’ the Barefoot first aider.

Barefoot First Aider

Beefy knows his first aid but when he has no kit and something has kicked off (not just his boots), he improvises! The barefoot first aider is on our AoFAS team to show members what they can do in an emergency.

We took the decision to publish a small amount of barefoot first aid tips that will be available to the general public but the vast amount will be exclusive to members.

‘Beefy’ the Barefoot first aider will post a lot of crucial information that will be exclusively available to members of the AoFAS Academy as well as AoFAS members.

There will be some barefoot first aid snippets available to the general public but all in all, the bulk of his input will be exclusive to members; because membership has its privileges.

So when it comes to dealing and treating a trauma victim without any first aid essentials ‘Beefy’ the Barefoot first aider will provide AoFAS membership with help.

He’ll cover items such as stabbings, gunshot wounds, terror attack and even road traffic casualties.


As a result of requests, AoFAS, The UK’s first aid association has launched an Academy. But without the normal expensive fees. The knowledge base and archive is for people seeking a career in the pre-hospital care sector.