Level two membership for AoFAS is our Corporate Level and open to companies and individuals trading under a business name.

Applicants are checked by their own name as well as their trading name/limited company.

If the applicant has traded under a business name for less than 12 months we ask that they join as a Level One member.

AoFAS Level two membership applicants will be asked for three professional references from companies with whom you have done business.

You will be asked to provide certificates or proof of membership in connection with any bodies that you claim to be a member of in your company profile.

AoFAS Corporate Member

If your application is approved, you will be permitted to use our AoFAS Corporate Member logo on your marketing material and people seeing that you are a member of AoFAS will be able to search the AoFAS directory and view your corporate profile.

This is where you can promote and market your business.

The directory will have a geographic, searchable database – search engine, so anyone holding an event or requiring a first aid instructor can search for an AoFAS member.

The benefit to people using AoFAS directory as a resource is that they can rest assured that AoFAS members are checked and verified.

AoFAS Membership Levels

Anyone seeing this logo on your marketing material will be able to search for you in our directory, view your profile and be rest assured that your qualifications are genuine, up to date and your references have been verified.

Clearly, it is far more beneficial to use a member of AoFAS than someone who is not checked.

AoFAS Diploma

Each AoFAS level two member will receive a top-quality intensive medical course on a monthly basis.

These are distance learning (online) courses with the opportunity to take a diploma examination.

The 12 courses for year one, on a monthly basis (in no particular order), are.

Trauma – First on Scene
Medication Management
Sports Injury First Aid
Catastrophic Bleed Management
Terror Attack/Mass Casualties First Responder
Understanding the Principles and Practises of Event Management
Paediatric First Aid
First Responder
Breaks/Fractures Splinting
Consent in Administering First Aid
Medical Gases
Scene Management in an Emergency

Diplomas/certificates are optional and a small fee of £5.50 to cover administration is payable.

The corporate diplomas will bear the company name as well as the individual who passed the course.

Each member of staff can take the course and receive the diploma upon successful completion but they are not listed in the AoFAS directory unless they are Level One individual members.